Chaucer's Women

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Chaucer's Women
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The Insomniac Tales by Chaucer's Women

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In 1400, Geoffrey Chaucer gave the world The Canterbury Tales. This poem, written in Middle English, tells of a group of pilgrims journeying from London to a shrine in Canterbury. To help pass the time on their long excursion, the members of the group agree to tell tales along the way. Each tale is to be judged by their host, the innkeeper of the Tabard Inn. The prize? The winner will get dinner, paid for by the other pilgrims. The tale-tellers, and their tales, are said to represent a candid cross section of life as it was in 14th-century England. The Canterbury Tales is judged to be one of the most brilliant works in all of literature.

More than 600 years later, it is a dark and stormy night at the Tabard Inn, Women's Wellness Spa. The power has gone out, and a group of insomniac women has uneasily gathered in the candlelit lobby. To help the group pass the time, the night clerk, who just happens to be a student of English Literature, proposes that each woman tell a tale. The night clerk agrees to judge the tales, giving the winner a most coveted prize. From here, the group journeys through the inclement night, in search of dawn's redeeming rays.

If you dare to travel with this group, grab a copy of The Insomniac Tales by Chaucer's Women, relish the sleeplessness, and hold on tight. It's a wild ride from here to dawn.

DLSIJ Press is pleased and most proud to offer this collaborative work by thirteen of our own authors. Together, they are Chaucer's Women, and they have journeyed to reach a goal, just as their characters have. Each has infused The Insomniac Tales by Chaucer's Women with her own style and genre, her own clear voice. The tales are written in modern prose, with the exception of our poet's tale, that is, fittingly so, written in verse. You will meet thirteen tale-tellers: The Knight, The Squires, The Prioress, The Nun, The Priestess, The Merchant, The Clerk, The Cook, The Saylor, The Wife of Bath, The Reeve, The Summoner, and The Pardoner. These characters step right out of Chaucer's cast of characters and into the 21st century. You won't find his tales simply regurgitated, though. No, these tales are all original, with only his theme rippling through them. You'll travel to a distant planet…you'll encounter a beautiful and ungodly creature…you'll learn how to snag a man and get rid of one… But you will also, and always, encounter modern women—empowered ones, meek ones, self-made ones, confused ones—a cross section of our own day and age. You'll laugh, you'll curse, you'll wonder, and hopefully, you'll discover the universality of Chaucer's tales and those of his 21st-century women.

Special Note: "The Cook's Tale," written by Connie Gotsch, won first place in New Mexico Press Women's 2004 Communication Contest and National Federation of Press Women 2004 Communication Contest, "Short Story or Essay Appearing in an Anthology" category!

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